The uses of T’ai Chi for quieting the body and the mind are legendary: “The body of a lumberjack, the suppleness of a child, the compassionate wisdom of a sage.” T’ai Chi training is open to anyone, regardless of age or condition.

Sifu Peter Kay has more than 35 years experience teaching the traditional Chinese art of T’ai Chi. He began a life-long study with Herman Kauz as his teacher and currently teaches T’ai Chi Form and Push Hands, as well as healing and meditative Ch’i Kung (Qigong) exercises.

T’ai Chi Form is taught in the tradition of Professor Cheng, Man-Ch’ing, and includes solo and/or interactive exercises, for health and meditation. Partner exercises (push hands training as taught by Herman Kauz) emphasize sensitivity and responsiveness: “4 ounces of pressure, yielding with return.”

Teaching is though Group Seminar Training, university credit courses at Piedmont Community College, and classes at the Person County Senior Center. Private lessons and Ch’i Kung therapy sessions are also available.

****** Note ******

There will be a meeting of the Friends of Person County Senior Center on Tuesday 23rd, directly after the Open House ceremonies. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss ramifications of the news that the County Commissioners have revealed a draft of the county budget which withdraws all funding for the Senior Center. Open House meeting with the Commissioners on June 5th. Attendance is encouraged.


New Class

Beginning Tai Chi

Thursday evening class, 6:00 to 7:00 PM (5/25/17) will be held indoors at the (new) Senior Center, 87 Semora Rd.

Weekly follow up classes.



Saturday Morning Class:  8:30 AM, at the Gazebo park by the old Person County Senior Center. 121 Depot St.,  Roxboro. Cheng Man-ching form X 2, push hands practice.

Tuesday evening classes: 6:00 – 7:00 PM.  Gazebo park by the old Person County Senior Center. 121 Depot St.,  Roxboro. Cheng Man-ching form X 2, push hands practice.  


New Thursday evening classes: 6:00 – 7:00 PM. Tai Chi exercises for body and non-body. “The basics are the advanced.” Beginners welcome. Person County Senior Center. 87 Semora Rd,  Roxboro.


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T’ai Chi principles to Physical Therapy applications

Private classes, instruction in Ch’i Kung therapy by appointment.